GTA 4 Trailer

Friday, March 30, 2007


Warholizer: Turn youself and your friends into pop icons!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

This toy was inspired by Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe. Warhol created the paintings using silkscreens to create a kind of "assembly line" art. This toy attempts to simulate the false color and silkscreen effect digitally but really it's a thing all its own. "Warholizer" is more of a tribute than anything else. Works with your photos hosted on Flickr or anywhere else.

Now it's your turn!

credit by fiapman


GTA Mario Grand Theft


Friendly game: France - Autriche 1-0


James Bond : 78%
Batman / Bruce Wayne : 72%
Néo (Matrix) : 70%
Hannibal Lecter : 68%
Jim Levenstein (American Pie) : 67%
Tony Montana (Scarface) : 67%
Maximus (Gladiator) : 66%
Indiana Jones : 64%
Forrest Gump : 63%
Eric Draven (The Crow) : 58%
Schrek : 57%
Yoda (Star Wars) : 50%

Quel héros de film es-tu ?


And the winner is....YouTube!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Anonymous Babes

Monday, March 26, 2007

Check out this site....Some amazing girls...


Another victory for France (1-0)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Uploaded by zarzis75020

Not considered for last year's World Cup by France coach Raymond Domenech, Anelka scored a solo goal in the 73rd minute in Vilnius, dribbling through the middle and shooting from outside the area.

The victory kept the World Cup runners-up level on points with Scotland at the top of Group B, while Ukraine moved ahead of idle Italy and into third place.


Best Firefox Extensions

Saturday, March 24, 2007

This is an attempt to list the best extensions for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
Firefox Extensions


Launching of the new PS3 in Paris.....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Last night, in Paris, Sony had released their new PS3 at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. It was supposed to be a big party. Lots of people showed up but a few of them bought the PS3....

Then Microsoft started to show off on a boat with this message "Xbox 360 Loves You"....


Pulp Fiction - Royal with Cheese

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


When FoxTv makes fun of Apple....


YouTube - 2006 Videos Awards

2006 was a pioneering year for online video, user-created content and the YouTube community. You let us into your bedrooms, created new forms of entertainment, and radicalized popular culture. Now it's time to reflect on what a tremendous year it was and recognize the best of the best during the first YouTube Video Awards.

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Cool Gadgets

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Finies les pannes de réveil ! Ce radio-réveil aux allures de soucoupe volante dispose de l'arme absolue pour vous sortir du lit. Quand l'alarme se déclenche, la partie mobile du radio réveil s'envole dans votre chambre. Pour l'arrêter, vous n'aurez pas d'autre option que de vous lever !
where to get it

Ces lunettes (les "Uber shades") peuvent être personnalisées avec plus de 260 outils. Bien plus facile à transporter qu'un couteau suisse, vous pourrez découper, bricoler, réparer, tout ce que vous voudrez. Pinceau, ciseaux, pince à épiler, peigne, ou encore râpe, pourront vous sortir de situations délicates

Recharger ses piles sur son ordinateur, c'est désormais possible. L'USB Cell présente les mêmes dimensions qu'une pile AA classique, mais à son sommet un connecteur USB est caché par un couvercle. En pratique, pour recharger votre pile, il suffit de la connecter sur un port USB libre. Seul bémol, "il lui faudra tout de même 5 heures pour se recharger à 90%".
where to get it

De la taille d'une balle de tennis, la Powerball contient un gyroscope. Tirez sur la corde, et le rotor contenu à l'intérieur de la sphère se met à tourner sur lui-même tout en délivrant une grande quantité d'énergie et de force. Le but du jeu est d'entretenir le mouvement initié et de l'accélérer au fur et à mesure. Mais - et c'est là toute la difficulté - plus le rotor tourne vite, plus le Powerball semble peser lourd ! Le poids "ressenti" peut atteindre 20 kg... De quoi entretenir des bras de culturiste !
where to get it



Monday, March 19, 2007

This is a great show on CBS. Here is the synopsis.

After mushroom clouds appear on the horizon, fear of the unknown propels Jericho into social, psychological and physical mayhem when all communication and power is shut down. The town starts to come apart at the seams as terror, anger and confusion bring out the very worst in some residents. Jake Green, the prodigal son of the town's mayor, becomes a reluctant hero when a school bus crashes as a result of the explosion.

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Zizou last game for Real (in spanish)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here is a video from Zizou last game at Santiago Bernanbeu.
It's in spanish....!

El Magnifico!!


France Secure Six Nations

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Elvis Vermeulen scored a last-gasp try to earn France their fourth RBS 6 Nations Championship title in six years - barring an England miracle in Cardiff.
Knowing they needed to win by 24 points to overtake the Irish in the title race, Les Bleus scored six tries, two in the first half and four in the second - the last nailed by Vermeuelen deep into injury time.
Scotland put up a brave fight, scoring three tries themselves, but they were not able to slow up the French juggernaut.
England now need a mighty victory of 57 points or more over Wales at the Millennium Stadium to deny France the defence of their title.
Ireland had earlier run in eight scores against Italy in Rome on the way to a 51-24 success but two late trys from the Azzurri cut the margin of victory and subsequently made France's task that bit easier.


101 Jobs to make you appreciate your own more

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trust me on this one; you’re very lucky to have a job. I assure you that you will find some joy in your daily drudge after reading below. Without further adieu, here are 101 Jobs to make you appreciate your own more.....

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Miss Playboy Latin America and Iberia


Free Newspapers online

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finally a site where you can read newspapers online for free.
Just download the PDF file of the magazine of your choice.
You have access to magazines from around the world:

-Le Monde

Click Here



Monday, March 12, 2007

Just love that show...I know it's been on for 3 seasons but I just started to watch it....NICE!!

HBO presents Entourage, the hit comedy series executive produced by Mark Wahlberg that takes a look at the day-to-day life of Vincent (Vince) Chase, a hot young actor in modern-day Hollywood, and his entourage. He's brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY: manager Eric, half-brother Drama, and friend Turtle. The series draws on the experiences of industry insiders to illustrate both the heady excesses of today's celebrity lifestyle, as well as the difficulty of finding love and success in the fast track of show biz. Now that the boys are getting used to the perks of stardom, Eric, along with superagent Ari, keep Vince's star rising while making sound decisions for a long-lasting career in a world of fleeting fame. Adrian Grenier ("Drive Me Crazy," "Hart's War") stars as Vince. Kevin Connolly ("Antwone Fisher," "John Q") plays Eric, Vince's closest confidant who's learning the rules of the business as he tries to help Vince make the right choices and keep his trajectory aimed high. Kevin Dillon ("The Doors," "Platoon") plays Vince's half-brother Drama, whose own acting aspirations have been eclipsed by Vince's success. Jerry Ferrara ("Grounded for Life," "Leap of Faith") plays Turtle, the house manager, who's always up for a good time. Jeremy Piven ("Old School," "The Larry Sanders Show") plays Ari, Vince's aggressive, high-powered agent, who clashes with Eric over his client's decisions.

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La Tour Eiffel

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Most stolen cars in the USA

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau here is a list of the most stolen car in the States.

1. 1991 Honda Accord
2. 1995 Honda Civic
3. 1989 Toyota Camry
4. 1994 Dodge Caravan
5. 1994 Nissan Sentra
6. 1997 Ford F150 Series
7. 1990 Acura Integra
8. 1986 Toyota Pickup
9. 1993 Saturn SL
10. 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup


MyP2P- Free Live sports on your PC

Here is my favorite site to watch a game live on my PC!!

You can have access to every European football leagues:

  • Premiere League

  • La Liga

  • Seria A

  • French League One

  • Bundesliga


  • and more...

    Click Here

  • 0

    Arsenal lose injured Henry for rest of season

    LONDON, March 9 (Reuters) - Captain Thierry Henry will not play for Arsenal for the rest of this season due to injuries, the Premier League club said on Friday
    The France striker, who damaged stomach and groin muscles in his team's Champions League exit to PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday, should be ready for next season, Arsenal said."Thierry Henry will be out for a minimum of three months," manager Arsene Wenger told their Web site (www.arsenal.com)."Unfortunately, this means he will now miss the rest of this season both domestically and internationally, but we are confident that he will be ready for the start of next season.

    "Henry has been dogged by a lack of fitness since returning from the World Cup in Germany, notably with a long-standing sciatic nerve problem, along with hamstring and foot injuries.Henry, who has also been the Premier League's top scorer for four of the last five seasons, leaves a side who are fourth in the table and look comfortably on course for that objective.

    Henry's absence will also be a blow for France's Euro 2008 qualifying campaign. France are second in Group B, trailing leaders Scotland on goal difference and two points ahead of the side who beat them in the World Cup final, Italy. Ukraine are three points behind the French but have a game in hand, with the top two going through to the finals in Austria and Switzerland


    Football Champions League

    Friday, March 9, 2007

    The English teams managed to avoid each other in the Champions League quarter-final draw. Liverpool meet PSV Eindhoven again, Manchester United face Roma, Chelsea take on Valencia and Milan tackle Bayern Munich

    Champions League quarter-finals:

    1 : AC Milan (ITA) - Bayern Munich

    2 : PSV Eindhoven (PBS) - Liverpool (GBR)

    3 : AS Rome (ITA) - Manchester United (GBR)

    4 : Chelsea (GBR) - FC Valence (ESP)

    Ties to be played on 3/4 April and 10/11 April.
    Ties to be played on 24/25 April and 1/2 May


    Birthday gift...

    Thursday, March 8, 2007

    Well my birthday is coming in 2 weeks, so here are some ideas for a gift...


    How fast is your internet connexion for real?

    Time to know if your connexion is worth what you are paying every month...
    I thought mine was faster.....

    speed test


    MP3 to enjoy for free

    Wednesday, March 7, 2007

    This site will help you to find your favorit MP3. You don't need to download a software to listen to them. So it's very easy to enjoy the music you like.
    So let's rock and roll!

    MP3 Realm


    European football at his best....

    Not sure what happened there....


    Turn your pc into a tv for free!!

    Tuesday, March 6, 2007

    Now you can enjoy watching tv on your pc for free!
    Have fun!!


    Thanks you Microsoft

    Monday, March 5, 2007


    Here is a list of free software for Windows that are divided in categories:

    • Archive managers
    • Office
    • Internet
    • P2P
    • Chat
    • Security
    • Network
    • Servers
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Image
    • 3D
    • Developers
    • CD/DVD
    • Codecs
    • System Utilities
    • ....and more!




    Sunday, March 4, 2007

    One of my favorite show....24!
    It's season 6 right now...And if you are like me, living outside of the States, and have to wait to see the show on regular tv, here is a link for you....



    First video....


    Well here is my first video on my site!
    I'm football fan and I had to start by posting my favorite team!
    Sorry but this video is in french.....

    Aller les bleux